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NERAMAC intervenes in sourcing, procuring and marketing different Agro-Horticultural Commodities produced by the farmers of pineapple, ginger, banana, chilies, black pepper, cashew nuts etc. and minor forest produces like hill grass. It also supports the farmers with agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers etc. NERAMAC also assists farmers producing planting materials under Horticulture Mission Schemes by marketing their produces.
Keeping in view its mandate for agricultural prosperity in the NE Region, NERAMAC usually undertakes activities such as:
Procurement & marketing different agro-horticultural produce like Ginger, Bird’s Eye Chilies, Maize, Black Pepper, Raw Cashew Nut, Pineapple, Supari, Brooms etc. outside the region to help the farmers in getting economic returns.
NERAMAC also undertakes responsibility of marketing agro-horticultural inputs like Fertilizers, Seeds etc. keeping in view of the overall agricultural development of the region.
Marketing assistance to small and cottage scale food processing units of the region.
NERAMAC has exported True Potato Seeds (TPS) produced in the NEC sponsored project at Nagichera, Tripura. So far, TPS were exported to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Mexico and South Korea.

Marketed pineapple pulp to Hindustan Unilever Ltd., & is also marketing frozen pineapple juice concentrate and litchi pulp from the North Eastern Region and supply to M/s. Dabur Foods, Nepal.

NERAMAC markets cashew nut processed by different processing units in Mankachar District of Assam and Phulbari region of Meghalaya.

NERAMAC is making attempts to generate employment by providing Juice Vending Machines on franchise basis. This scheme is aimed at, apart from employment generation, creation of alternate marketing structure for natural juice and other processed products and fresh fruits & vegetables of NE Region.

NERAMAC is also providing training on Post Harvest Management and fruit processing from time to time to develop entrepreneurs for value addition of the agro-horticultural produces grown in the region in collaboration with institutions like Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore and other constituents Laboratories of CSIR/Agricultural Universities etc.

NERAMAC is making its first foray into the lucrative Delhi market by introducing its products in six of the capital’s malls through a comprehensive campaign by organizing week long launch events with the sponsorship of North Eastern Council (NEC). It will also set up retail outlets in select malls in the capital to sell select produce of the region by showcasing produce of the North East in the country’s prime market. Such mall festivals would surely increase visibility of products and attract customers to the naturally grown organic produce of the region.


1. Sale through E-Commerce Platform

The Manipur Zonal Office and Assam Zonal Offices of NERAMAC Ltd. in collaboration with the FPO/ Farmer Producer Companies has facilitated a number of entrepreneurs as well as farmers of the North Eastern Region to sell their produces/ products through E-commerce platform i.e. Redshopper (Manipur) and NE Fresh (Guwahati). Approx 50 MT produces were procured directly from more than 30 farmers and 6 registered FPOs and more than 3000 households in Imphal and Guwahati were catered and provided service of door to door delivery of vegetables during the lockdown period. Produces/ Products sold through E-commerce platform in Imphal and Guwahati are Ginger, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Gourd, Pea, Broccoli, Potato, Tomato, Black rice, King chilli dry, Brinjal, Cucumber, Ash Gourd, Water Melon, Green Chilli, Ladies finger, Sponge gourd, Capsicum, French bean, Pointed gourd, Black-eyed pea.

By selling products/ produces on E-Commerce platform, a revenue of approximately Rs. 20,00,000/- (Twenty lakhs only) was generated out of which NERAMAC’ share was 5% i.e. Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakh only).

1) B2C- (Online sales – App Based)
2) B2B(Procurement and Supply Business)- Delivery to clubs/ associations / retailers

2. Extension of Helping Hand To The Farmers Of Sikkim

NERAMAC’s Zonal Office at Sikkim provided market linkage to the farmers of “Budangkamray” of Budang village, under Central Pandam, East Sikkim by procuring vegetables – Cabbage, Beans, Iskus, Paalak, Mustard leaves etc) and selling them in Gangtok city and its surrounding area.

Besides above, Marketing Team of NERAMAC’s Zonal Office, Sikkim had also procured 1.08MT of Sikkim Large Cardamom directly from the farmers of Heegaon, West Sikkim which was thereafter sold in Siliguri Market, one of the major market for Large Cardamom.


3. Black Pepper procurement

NERAMAC procured more than 1 MT of Black Pepper from the tribal farmers of Dadengiri, Meghalaya. The procurement was done from very interior parts of the villages of Meghalaya. The stocks were collected from the villages and thereafter processed (Sun Dried, cleaned, repacked) in NERAMAC’s Ginger Processing Plant, Byrnihat, Meghalaya and then sold.


4. Red Chilli Procurement

NERAMAC procured more than 1 MT of Black Pepper from the tribal farmers of Dadengiri, Meghalaya. The procurement was done from very interior parts of the villages of Meghalaya. The stocks were collected from the villages and thereafter processed (Sun Dried, cleaned, repacked) in NERAMAC’s Ginger Processing Plant, Byrnihat, Meghalaya and then sold.


5. Procurement of Pineapple by NERAMAC

NERAMAC procured 5 MT Pineapple from “HMAR Agro Organic Producer” which is a Farmer Producer Company (FPC) of Hmar Tribal community, located in Lakhipur, Silchar. It has introduced the Pineapples of Lakhipur for the first time in Guwahati. On receipt of positive response from the consumers of said pineapples, it is planning for multiple shipments for the entire season.

Initially, NERAMAC had planned to sell the consignment at the wholesale market of Fancy Bazaar NERAMAC initially. But, due to State Government’s sudden announcement to initiate a ward wise lockdown NERAMAC lost the wholesale market of Fancy Bazaar. To overcome this unfavorable situation, NERAMAC had to come up with an alternative plan to sell the pineapple consignment through retail stalls at different prominent locations of the city. A part was sold to a nearby district of Assam and a part was converted to processed products like Pineapple Chutney, Pineapple Squash and Pineapple Jam.



The below processing plants will soon be in the working state with the PPP model
• Multi-fruit processing Plant, Silchar (Assam)
• Pineapple Juice Concentration Plant, Nalkata (Tripura)
• Integrated Ginger Processing Plant (GPP), Byrnihat (Meghalaya)



Assistance to farmers:
Though, NERAMAC had operated on small scale, its intervention in the market had helped the growers of pineapple, orange, ginger, cashew nut, citronella grass, grass broom etc. to obtain better price for their produces.

Intervention in Marketing:
NERAMAC’s intervention in marketing of agricultural commodities like Ginger, Citronella Oil, Grass Broom, Bamboo Sticks etc helped thousands of farmers engaged in cultivation of these produces obtain remunerative price.

Trade Enquiry

For any trade enquiries interested states/parties may contact directly to the NERAMAC HQ or write to us at [email protected]

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