About Us

An Overview

NERAMAC was set up to support farmers/producers of the North East in getting remunerative prices for their produce and thereby bridge the gap between them and the market. The role also envisages enhancing the agricultural, procurement, processing and marketing infrastructure of the North Eastern Region of India.

The authorised capital of the Corporation is Rupees 60 Crore and the paid-up Capital is Rupees  35.85 Crore.

Presently, the CPSE is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Government of India, New Delhi, with its registered office at 9 Rajbari Path, Ganeshguri, Guwahati.

To fulfill its prime objective, NERAMAC offers a helping hand in sourcing and procuring cash crops from producers by intervening in the market and provide them remunerative prices. It also helps processing units by providing raw materials and arranging packaging materials. NERAMAC also has a few retail outlets within the North East region which directly sell various processed and value added products produced locally in the region.


To undertake development and marketing of horticultural products within and outside the North Eastern Region and the supply of inputs, tools, equipment etc. required for the development of horticulture and agro-based industries whether own or run by the Government, statutory body, company, firm, co-operative or individual.

To undertake, establish, acquire, purchase, sell and manage the projects for the development of horticultural products such as establishment of nurseries and commercial orchards, seed stations etc. and function as agency for the distribution of seeds, plants, processed food and other such products connected with the development of horticultural products.

To manage, promote, aid and expedite the export of raw and finished horticultural produce and equipment and also to import raw and finished horticultural produce and equipment in furtherance of the company’s business.

About Us

    Board Of Directors

    Shri Saurabh Endley, Chairman

    Cmde Rajiv Ashok (Retd), Managing Director


    Shri Mangsatabam Iboyaima Meitei, Director

    Shri Umesh Kumar, Director

    Shri Rajendra Prasad Gurung, Director

    Shri Rajan Lohia, Independent Director